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L’Orech Yomim/Center for Healthy Living, Inc. (LOY) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has been serving the Jewish Community since 1999, providing:

  • Seminar programs for families on topics relating to “Caring for Our Elders;”
  • Consumer information, referral, and advocacy assistance to family care givers;
  • Guidance and direction to health care providers in designing programs to meet the cultural needs of the community.

In addition to the support and involvement of Rabbis, Schools and Synagogues, LOY Center benefits from the availability of senior professional expertise in health care delivery, planning, marketing, and evaluation, computer science, quality assurance, and case management. A dedicated volunteer corps have produced exceptional results.

State-of-the-Art Knowledge on Caregiving
Public Health Education
Communicating with Senior Public Health Educators
The Professional Advisory Board
College Student Healthy Aging Talks
 Fostering Healthy Aging: Health Equity
Rabbi Schonfeld
Rabbi  Keehn
Standing Room Only Crowd
Rabbi Haimoff
Chaskel Bennett, EMT/Dispatcher, Hatzolah of Flatbush
Professional Expertise - Seminar Presenters