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Praise for You Are Your Parents’ Keeper:

Essential Reading for Every Jewish Family

This indispensable guide relating to elder care and Kibbud Av V’eim is pertinent to those whose parents are still living, as well as to those whose parents have passed on. Among the topics addressed: Caring for a frail and sick parent, end of life issues, aveilus, honoring parents after their petirah, confronting the challenges of life, death, and illness, preparing a last will and testament according to halachic guidelines.

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Rabbi Ira Kronenberg, LCSW Lifetime Achievement Awardee for Health Care Chaplaincy

It is difficult to add to the accolades the book has already received. I had reviewed the first printing for Yeshiva University’s Rabbinic Alumni magazine. As someone who has spent over 40 years in geriatric pastoral care, I would encourage that Rabbi Reuven Becker’s book be part of every Jewish long-term care facility chaplain’s library.

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Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum Endorsement

The message [in this book] is an important one, particularly nowadays when, sadly, adherence to the mitzvah is somewhat lax. It needs attentiveness and reinforcement, especially in view of the fact that it is among the most severe of Biblical commandments. The  honor and reverence due to a parent is likened to the honor and fear of the Almighty, with concomitant blessings and reward in both the Eternal and this world for due compliance.

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Chavrusa Magazine Book Review

While there are many seforim that are available that discuss the various themes found in this sefer, Rabbi Becker has combined all the issues that present themselves to children with elderly parents.

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Viewpoint Magazine Book Review

Rabbi Reuven Becker is an expert in the field of elder care and has devoted himself to the study and dissemination of information related to the mitzvah of kibbud av v'eim.

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Why Write this Book? An Interview with the Author

This book is a collection of Hashkafa, Kabbalah, halacha, minhag -- philosophical, theological, and religious practice -- which is not typically taught in yeshiva, seminary, or secondary school.

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