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By supporting L’Orech Yomim, you are helping us:

• Provide seminars, publications, information and referrals for appropriate and available services.
• Advocate on behalf of the needs of the Orthodox Jewish community.
• Offer rabbinic advice on responding to challenges of Elder Care and Kibud Av V’aim.
• Bring state-of-the-art information directly to the consumer.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

• Sponsor an Issue of Kol Hakavod News $3000
• Sponsor Original Research $1500
• Sponsor a Seminar $1000
• Co-sponsor a Seminar $500
• Sponsor our Website for a Year $360
• Sponsor Development of a Caregiver Resource $180
• Sponsor a Consultation with a Senior and their Family $72


Thank you for your generous donation.

Checks can also be mailed to:

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Flushing, New York 11367-0675
Phone: (718) 300-0234
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