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1. Community Seminars

Health care providers, public health officials, community leaders, and consumers participate as presenters, sharing their expertise to the hundreds of attendees at our events. New York Hospital-Medical Center of Queens, The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and Lutheran Hospital approved the offerings and sponsored them for continuing medical education credit hours. Topics range from “Choosing a Nursing Home,” “Caring at Home: Home Care and Hospice Care” to “Elder Law, Insurance” and “Strategies for Exercising Your Rights as a Health Care Consumer,” all integrating an Halachic perspective as they relate to the issues being discussed.

2. Information / Referral / Advocacy

Guided principally by New York City Department for the Aging expertise, LOY volunteers respond to calls for assistance and advocacy from family care givers in regard to:

  • Nursing Home Placement
  • Arranging for Kosher Meals on Wheels
  • Selection of Hospice Care
  • Recommendations for Assisted Living
  • Finding a Bereavement Counseling Program
  • Direction in Estate Planning
  • Providing Community Support for Live-Alones
  • Geriatric Medicine Consultation
  • Home Care

3. Health Care Provider Guidance

Representative Activity:

  • Increase Understanding of Community Needs. Public officials and health care providers participating in and attending LOY seminars improve their understanding of Orthodox Jewish needs, expressing gratitude and appreciation for the learning experience.
  • New Program Development. Demographic analysis, grantsmanship advocacy and design of hospice program to service the Orthodox Jewish community.
  • Staff Training to better understand and service their clients.
  • Advocating and achieving kosher facilities with reliable hashgachah for assisted living program.
  • Advocating for Cultural Competence and integrity in programming to service Jewish community needs at renowned national health care centers as an important element of their promotion campaign for Jewish community financial support.

To the Future

Much has been accomplished in a relatively short period of time. LOY’s success is due to the integrity of its programming, combined with the dedication and commitment of an outstanding volunteer corps. With public support and funding, these efforts may be strengthened and expanded further. A host of agenda items relating to consumer empowerment and the needs of traditional Jewish practice will be addressed.